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Madan Yoga in 2023: end-of-year recap

Updated: Jan 11

It has been an exciting year here at Madan Yoga - from Yoga Retreats to 200hr Yoga Teacher Trainings, to drop-in-classes and Sound Healing Courses - we have been able to form beautiful connections and have grown our community here in Pokhara, Nepal, throughout this year 2023. We are looking back with gratitude to our students who joined us this year, our students truly make up the heart of our school!

In our Yoga Retreats, we have been surrounded by stunning mountain views both in Astam village near Pokhara and the Himalayan region of Mustang, a true sanctuary space for those students who wished to explore the practice and find stillness and tranquility within. It is a beautiful opportunity to try out different yogic practices such as asana, pranayama and meditation, but also to enjoy the sunrise views overlooking the mountains and to get to know the local culture and village life.

Throughout this year, we have hosted multiple 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Courses, located in Pokhara and Astam village just outside of the city. In this 3-week residential course, we have guided groups of students from all over the world to facilitate growth in all aspects of life. Throughout the 3 weeks together, students have explored different philosophical yogic concepts and developed a strong sense of self-discipline, at the same time building skills to confidently guide and inspire others along their yogic journey as well. These courses are always concluded with the students designing and teaching their own yoga classes and a ceremony in which we hand over internationally valid yoga teacher certificates recognized by Yoga Alliance.

Lastly, it was a joy to conduct our unique 3-day Sound Healing Courses this year to a big number of students wishing to spread this ancient art of healing to the world. This 3-Day Course focuses on both theoretical and practical aspects of sound bowl therapy and students get a chance to learn and practice different sound healing methods, such as chakra healing, vibration massage and sound bath!

We are looking forward to 2024, in which we continue hosting our 200hr Yoga Teacher Trainings, Yoga Retreats and Sound Bowl Courses in and nearby Pokhara, Nepal, but also to expand our offerings to South India in Tiruvannamalai!

Thank you for joining us this year! Keep following us to get updates on our programs in 2024! Instagram:

For any enquiries, please feel free to reach out to us via e-mail:

Have a great start into 2024!

With blessings,

Madan Yoga


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