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Sound Healing Courses

3-Day Sound Healing Therapy Courses with Madan Yoga

Available all year round!

Madan Yoga is offering 3-Day Sound Bowl Courses (about 10 hours) in Pokhara, Nepal, for interested yogis to dive deep into this ancient art of healing.

A sound bowl is a metallic bowl made from special alloy. It is also called Dhwani Patra in Sanskrit and Nepali. Its sound is produced either by striking the surface or stroking the bowl rim with a special wooden stick. Little is known about the origins of the sound bowls and hardly any written material has been transmitted. It is certain that sound bowls were widespread in eastern Tibet and the neighboring countries such as Nepal and India. The ancient bowls have been used for different healing purposes through monks and shamans for hundreds of years - and even in today's time, we know sound bowls primarily for sound therapy of the body and mind. Singing bowls create sounds that can induce a deep state of calmness, peace and relaxation that naturally facilitates entry into a meditative level. From the first strike or rub, the sounds cancel out external disturbances and help the body to self-generate an influx of positive energy and thoughts. Sound bowls are an essential aid to meditation and can be found in temples, monasteries and meditation halls around the world. They have been used in meditation and yoga for centuries.















Through the vibrations of the sound bowl, it is possible to increase the activity of alpha and beta waves in the brain and to pleasantly relax the activity of the autonomic nervous system. At the physical level, the vibration is known to stimulate the blood vessels, lymphs, nerves, veins and muscles, allowing the opening of blockages and loosening of tensed body parts. The sound bowl’s effectiveness to increase well-being and good health has been studied from both spiritual as well as scientific points of views. Medical professionals from around the world have tested the therapeutic effectiveness of sound bowls in hospitals and therapy centres with positive results.

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Want to learn the technique yourself? Madan Yoga offers 3-day sound bowl courses! You will learn a variety of techniques to play the sound bowls and learn how to guide other people through a beautiful sound bowl healing session.


Find the itinerary of the 3-day sound bowl course with Madan Yoga below:


Day 1:

  • History and origin of sound bowls and sound healing, uses and benefits of singing bowl therapy (physically and emotionally)

  • Theoretical knowledge about energy channels, chakras, sound and cymatic frequency

  • How to play bowls and how to choose the right sound bowls, Types of bowls

  • What is required for a sound bowl session (complete equipment)


Day 2:

  • Learn different techniques of Sound bath (cleansing of emotional patterns through vibration and sound) and practice on each other

  • Seven Chakra healing (theory and practice), including Chakra mantras

  • Vibration massage (theory and practice), for example: backache therapy, sacral therapy, headache therapy etc.

Day 3:

  • Learn about holistic instruments (gong, shamanic drums, conch, ting shaw, etc.) and how to incorporate them in your sound therapy session

  • Optional: Healing with mantra chanting & vocal practice with harmonium

  • Practice your chosen sound healing type incl. Practical test: Give your own sound bowl session

  • Closing certification ceremony


300 USD - 3 days non-residential course in Lakeside (Pokhara), certificate 

450 USD - 3 days residential course (with accomodation in Astam village closeby Pokhara), transport, all meals, daily yoga class and certificate

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Intensive sound bowl courses are also available for 1 day or 5 days. For more information, contact us via 

Availability? All year round! Please message us via with your preferred dates. Sound Healing Therapy Courses (non-residential) will be held at Lakeside, Pokhara.


Questions? I am happy to provide you with any information you may need.

Interested? Click here to book online.

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