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About Madan

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Since my childhood, I have been fascinated by yoga. My grandfather was a great inspiration for me. He introduced me to yoga philosophy and healing techniques from a very young age. As my grandfather taught me, it was not my dream to become a yoga teacher, but rather apply these important lessons to my daily life. When I turned 16, I had my first encounter with my spiritual guru in India. I felt a big calling to live with him and continue my spiritual practice on a deeper level. During that time, I learned a lot about human values, how to live life in a way that it serves other people. I found great purpose in selfless service. This was a great part of my self-practice.
I decided to dedicate my entire life to yoga, completed my 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2014, have given numerous yoga classes and retreats in several parts both of India and Nepal, and continued to give service. Yoga is the way of life, a union of your heart, mind, and body. By practicing, we create a harmony and balance within ourselves that is reflected in our outside world as well.

During my yoga classes, I place great importance in connecting with my students and finding out what each of them need. I give variations that benefit each student according to his/her individual requirement. My programs are designed for students of all levels – an inclusive environment where everyone can grow and thrive in their yoga practice. Along with asana practice, I also like to include pranayama, meditation, yoga nidra – and apply yoga in a therapeutic way. I will be happy to share my experiences and knowledge of yoga with you. Namaste!

- With love and peace,


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