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Why Nepal offers a great location for a yoga retreat

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Nepal is a small country by size yet full of culture, history, and unique landscape. Not only is Nepal the birthplace of Lord Buddha - For hundreds of years, Nepal was also sought as a pilgrimage place by many Yogis amongst the Himalayan mountains as well. It is believed that many Gods are connected to the Himalayan land, hence there is an indescribable spiritual energy that radiates from the mountains. Yogic traditions and philosophies are embedded within the culture of Nepal since ancient times - and Nepal remains an ideal place for great learning of Yoga today.

When we think of Nepal, the high mountain peaks come to our mind first. Yet it is so much more than that. The ethnic groups, languages, and cultures vary from region to region, and so does the landscape. During monsoon season, the whole country turns into a land full of lush green forests, paddy fields, giant rivers, and waterfalls. Vegetables and grains are sourced from organic farms throughout the country - and the local people mostly live a minimalistic, slow, and peaceful life - always aligned with their environment and the seasons. All of this makes Nepal a great place for remaining healthy and balanced, and for learning to incorporate peace and consciousness into our lives as well.

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