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Coming up soon: Sound bowl healing sessions and courses with Madan Yoga

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Madan Yoga is going to offer sound bowl healing sessions and sound bowl courses soon!

Little is known about the origins of the sound bowls and hardly any written material has been transmitted. It is certain that sound bowls were widespread in eastern Tibet and the neighboring countries such as Nepal and India. The ancient bowls have been used for different healing purposes through monks and shamans.

Now, in today's time, we know sound bowls primarily for sound therapy. Sound bowls produce sounds that can induce a deep state of relaxation that naturally facilitates entry into a meditative level. Sound bowls are an essential aid to meditation and can be found in temples, monasteries and meditation halls around the world. They have been used in meditation and yoga for centuries.

Through the vibrations of the sound bowl, it is possible to increase the activity of alpha and beta waves in the brain and to pleasantly relax the activity of the symphonic nervous system. Basically, from the first strike or rub, the sounds lead to a state of absolute calm and relaxation. A beautiful tool to calm down from stressful work or everyday life.

Coming up soon: Sound healing sessions and Sound bowl courses!

Soon, we will offer private and group sound healing sessions in peaceful locations in Pokhara with Madan Yoga.

Want to learn the technique yourself? Madan Yoga offers multiple day sound bowl courses! You will learn a variety of techniques to play the sound bowls and learn how to guide other people through a beautiful sound bowl healing session. Detailed information will be announced shortly. Stay tuned!

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